In 2016 we were delighted to have Allotropy! as our ensemble in residence.

Allotropy! is an experimental pop-up string quartet that plans to appear in unexpected places around Melbourne city.

We play new works primarily by Melbourne composers, and older works presented in new ways.

Allotropy! is
Isabel Hede - violin
Kat Tsyrlin - violin and viola
Beatrix Pickett - viola and violin
Luke Severn - Cello

Allotropy! is becoming a collective of string players who have expressed a keen interest in the vision of the group, hence we are now morphing into a dynamic ensemble with player rotations for different concerts. Hopefully the group will become known for surprises at each concert, whether that be quirky venues, surprise guests, ground-breaking works or modes of presentation that expand your current idea of a string quartet. For the next concert on 27th August, our two surprise guests are Emma Hunt on violin (currently touring with Melbourne Chamber Orchestra) and Michelle John (a well known freelance cellist with groups such as Orchestra Victoria and who has a keen interest in new music). Our recent workshop with Joe Chindamo on the new String Quartet he wrote for us went well into the night as we were all having such fun! We can’t wait to play stunning new works by Evan Lawson and Joe at the concert on 27th August, along with some spine tingling Paul Stanhope, truly experimental Thomas Larcher, and heartwarming Dulcie Holland who didn’t just write theory books and was a highly celebrated composer in her time! Here’s to all things new and old, and the fusion of the two!