Donation and Membership

At Forest Collective we are indebted to the generosity of individuals and organisations that have ensured our continued operation. We count ourselves very lucky to be working with creatives from a range of fields, bringing a variety of art concepts and practices to Melbourne. 

Forest Collective’s biggest challenge is our pride - pride in our local creative community; pride in the artists, musicians, designers, performers we meet everyday; pride in the faceless individuals working to keep many of our cultural icons and venues alive; pride in each other as we sit alongside you at recitals, concerts, performances and exhibitions; and pride in ourselves as we present what we hope will be thought provoking and enjoyable performances. Regardless of the difficulties that face the contemporary art and creative culture in Australia, Forest Collective strives to connect audiences with creative practitioners and to make a lasting impact in Melbourne’s cultural community. 

Which is why we need your help!

If you wish to donate to Forest Collective or have a business that would be interested in sponsorship please email Administration Executive Jasmin Barel, or have a chat with her at one of our events! 

You can also sign up for Forest Collective Membership (and get some pretty great exclusive offers too!)

Membership $40 - lasts for one year from date of purchase 

Please drop us a line at and we can provide you with our payment details.