Love Dogs

A project developed a year ago through Western Edge Youth arts mentorship program, under the mentorship of Melbourne based director Yvonne Virsik. This will be the second staging of the work, which takes on a new life in the intimate setting of Loop in the heart of Melbourne’s Central Business District.

The Love Dogs are Coffee Shop woman, Tea Cup Man, Amanda K, Cat and Her. They are a collection of quirky characters that are all ultimately alone. They have passion, hidden desires, the need for affection and the need to give affection…however these simple things are not so simple to achieve for them. Each Love Dog has a seductive and exciting little story, a story of hope and tragedy which ultimately become reality. In that reality we always end up with ourselves. These characters invite you be a part of their imagination, with a bitter sweet musical arrangement mixed with visual treats. A quirky afternoon of theatrics offered to all. The afternoon’s entertainment will include a performance of “Keys and Locks” for solo Violin composed by Evan Lawson and “Sonata for Solo Violin” by Paul Hindemith both performed by Isabel Hede. The underscoring of “Love Dogs” is taken from Keys and Locks, and has been devised over the rehearsal period by the musicians.

Written and directed by Stephanie Osztreicher, featuring writing by Ashley Clarke.

Her - Vanessa Crouch

Coffee Shop Woman - Stephanie Osztreicher

Tea Cup Man - Scott Jackson

Amanda K - Ashley Clarke

Cat - Kara Tischler

Clarinet/Melodica - Evan Lawson

Violin - Isabel Hede

Flute - Tanya Vincent

August 7th 4pm, Loop Bar, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne

LoveDogs1.jpg   LoveDogs2.jpg

Photos by Fiona Lawson