Pandora's Box

The King governs a perfect city, until his jealousy and madness take hold, leading to a catastrophic explosion of nuclear proportions, destroying everyone and everything around him. Sixteen years later, in the absence of man, nature has thrived. A twisted forest springs forth, engulfing the ruins, and in this warped environment grows new love,… forgiveness, and a chance to heal old wounds. Shakespeare meets Chernobyl in this devised collaboration between Forest Collective and newcomers Grey Matters. Puppetry vies with performer while scenography melds with spectator to create a uniquely enthralling theatrical experience for audiences of all ages. Together, we invite you to Sentido Funf where your very surroundings will come to life to tell you a story… Our new venue Sentido Funf is also an amazing bar, with a fantastic little lounge out the front. So please come and see the show, and stay for a drink or a bite to eat.

Directed and Designed by Joel West

Original Compositions by May Lyon

Performed, Written and Devised by Georgie MacAuley, Jem Nicholas and Josh Nettheim

With Puppetry by Jem Nicholas

ALSO an exhibition of various art work by the Collective’s artists will be on display for the run of the show at Sentido Funf, curated by Fiona Lawson.

Featured artists are: Fiona Lawson, Casey Mayne and Jack Hooper-Bell

Sunday 16th - Tuesday 18th October
Sentido Funf, 243-245 Gertrude St, Fitzroy 


















Image from Pandora's Box by Fiona Lawson