Taiga (Rus. “forest”) play’s with our understanding of traditional approach to music;  Igor Stravinsky’s “Epitaphium” (1959) shows us the beginnings of art music bringing in elements of improvisation and performers freedom, Evan Lawson’s “Dominico’s Mask” (2010) takes similar ideas and elongate them, adding in longer silences and more expressive freedoms in rhythm and tone, while “Keys and Locks” (2010) gives us something more familiar, is still framed in sections of silence. Finally Holly Sharpe’s “Questions of Motive” (2010) takes small melodic and harmonic ideas and give’s the performer the free to express and colour the work how they want. This performance has free entry and starts promptly at 7pm.

The performance will also feature visual art by Fiona Lawson and Casey Rienna Mayne.

Flute - Lina Andonovska

Clarinet - Evan Lawson

Harp - Jess Fotinos

Violin - Isabel Hede

21st of June 7pm, VCA Music School, Southbank Melbourne. 



















Photo by Casey Mayne